Ika Ink Artwork Commissions

If you are interested in commissioning me for a custom piece of art, please read through the information below for an overview of my services and current rates.

Please note that I am not actively taking commissions at the moment, but you are welcome to fill out the request form and I may get in contact with you once I'm available.

Before you reach out to request a commission, please be sure to read my commission Terms of Service. You may use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a request. I will get back to you by email to discuss your inquiry if/when I am actively taking commission work. Once I have an idea of what it is you're looking for and feel I would like to take on your request, then I will give you a quote for the work.
Please be mindful that submitting a commission request it is not a guarantee that I will accept it. I may choose not to take on your commission for any number of reasons, but especially with subject matter outside of what I'm interested in drawing or painting

Services & Pricing

Below is a list of basic commission services I offer, but does not represent a complete list of everything I may be willing to do. Please contact me to discuss any ideas you may have!

Flat Color


With this choice you will get clean line art and color that may include minor shading or patterns. Accent items or a very basic background are possible at the artists discretion. Priced per subject. If your most interested in having stickers made, this is usually the best art option!

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches, 300 DPI
Time to complete: Usually complete in 1 week

Basic Painting


If you want something that looks a little more refined and detailed, go with this option! A basic painting suits requests with a single subject, simple backgrounds and some minor accent items. 2+ subjects are possible if kept simple.

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches at 300 DPI or 11 x 14 inches at 300 DPI (add $10)
Time to complete: 1-3 weeks

Full Painting


This is the most polished and detailed art option. This suits ideas that involve multiple subjects, realism, detailed backgrounds or settings, lots of accent objects, dynamic poses, realistic portraits, color & light effects and more.

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches at 300 DPI or 11 x 14 inches at 300 DPI (add $10)
Time to complete: Up to 6 weeks

What does a commission get you?

  • Concept sketches created while deciding the direction of the piece.
  • Close insight and involvement in the planning of the piece.
  • A full resolution file of the finalized artwork and a smaller version suited for upload on the internet for things like social media. File format will be PNG.
  • Any physical add-ons of your choice.


These are physical items that can be added on to any commission. Prices include cost of shipping to the continental US. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact me to discuss!

Do's and Don'ts

I take on commissions based on what seems to best fit my style and interests.

What I'm interested in doing:

  • Space themes
  • Animals
  • Sea creatures
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Pet art (mostly bunnies)
  • Fanart
  • Original characters
  • Realistic portraits (ones with an interesting concept, not like a portrait of your family to hang above the fire place)
  • A combination of all these things!

What I will not do:

  • Hateful art
  • Imitation of other art styles or artists
  • Graphic gore
  • Porn or explicit artwork (tasteful nudity or soft NSFW is fine)
  • Furries or anthro
  • Generic art (landscapes, traditional portraits, still life)
  • Custom tattoos (though you may inquire about using any my existing art as part of your next tattoo)
  • Logos or other types of graphic design
  • Anything promoting the sale or breeding of rabbits

Commission Terms of Service

By commissioning me in anyway, you agree to the terms of service below.
If you have a problem with any of the statements here, please discuss it with me prior to purchasing your commission.


  • All drawings and artworks will include my signature which you may not remove. This is not only as a form of artist credit, but to also help prevent my art from being used in a commercial way (not necessarily by you, but by others who may see the art online).
  • I may record the drawing process and post the artwork on my website and social media. None of your personal information will be shared or attached to the posts unless you grant me permission to share your name/tag you. If you have a strong objection to this please discuss it with me before purchasing a commission.


  • Commissions are to be paid in full before I start your piece.
  • Upon payment, you will receive a receipt that outlines the agreed upon scope of work and the agreed upon terms & conditions as a formal contract.
  • Commissions delivered in a digital only format can be paid via PayPal or as a custom listing on my online store or Etsy page.
  • Commissions that involve a physical item, such as a print, sticker or other customized item will require a listing to be made for purchase through my online store or Etsy page in order to track fulfillment and shipping.
  • If your first contact with me to inquire about a commission is on Etsy, I am bound to complete all payments and transactions through Etsy as a custom listing. This may incur an additional fee of up to 10% of the agreed upon price to cover Etsy fees.
  • Please do not attempt to pay or send money before I have agreed to your commission and request payment.


  • I will notify you when I have started on your commission. Once a commission has started, you will lose the rights to a full refund (see section 7).
  • While I work on your commission, I will keep in close communication with you to assure it is going in the right direction.
  • In general, a commission will have anywhere from 1-4 revision periods depending on the complexity of the work. A maximum amount of revisions will be agreed upon prior to commission purchase.
  • During reviews & revisions, you will see work-in-progress that is watermarked and sent in a much smaller format that the final piece.
  • The time it takes to finish a commission varies between 1-6 weeks depending on factors such as health, complexity of the piece, busy market/con season or busy holiday seasons. You will be given an estimate of how long the piece is anticipated to take prior to purchase.
  • If anything comes up that will slow the progress of the initially estimated delivery time, I will let you know asap.
  • For digital art only commissions, once the piece is finished you will receive a full resolution digital image of the art.
  • Physical items will go into production once the artwork portion is complete and will be shipped out to you within 3 days of production completion. Timelines on production will be discussed with you before hand.


  • A maximum number of revision periods will be determined prior to purchased based on the amount of work. Additional revision periods beyond the agreed upon amount may require additional fees.
  • If you ask for changes that were not discussed or anticipated in the original scope of work, or request changes to the finalized artwork once it has been complete, additional fees may be required.
  • If you wish for me to change something in the artwork that you were originally satisfied with, an additional fee may be required. 
  • If your reference given is unclear, any changes related to clarifying the situation may require an additional fee.
  • Additional revision fees are usually charged at $20 per hour with a one hour minimum.


I, the artist, hold all copy rights to the produced artwork. Therefore, I am allowed to use the copyright of the artwork to:

  • Promote myself with it.
  • Publish or print it.
  • Display it anywhere to my liking.
  • Post it to social media or anywhere I want online.
  • Profit from it (out of respect, I do not create merchandise from commissioned artwork).

The buyer is allowed to:

  • Use the commissioned piece for personal use unless otherwise agreed upon (eg. you can upload it to your social media).
  • Print the artwork for your own personal use.
  • If I'm drawing a unique original character of yours, you may claim them as your own, but not the artwork itself.
  • Use the artwork to promote yourself in a non-commercial manner.

The following is considered copyright infringement:

  • Reproducing or using the artwork in a commercial way - including but not limited to making money off of it or using it as part of a business entity (such as using it in a logo or an advertisement of your business or organization).
  • Claiming the artwork as your own.
  • Removing or hiding my signature from the artwork.
  • Altering the artwork in any way without my consent.

I reserve the full rights to the image and it's use/distribution unless otherwise agreed upon (rights to the image for your own non-personal use may be available for 300% of the original price).


  • I will do everything I can to create a piece of artwork you are happy with.
  • If you have a problem with anything in regard to a commissioned piece, please bring it up to me right away so we can find a solution together.
  • If it becomes clear I will not be able to produce something to your satisfaction or we cannot agree upon a direction, I reserve the right to cancel the transaction at any time (see section 7).


  • If you cancel the commission before I have started, you will receive a full refund with no deliverables.
  • If you cancel the commission after I have started, I may refund no more than 70% of the original price depending on the amount of work that has been completed with no deliverables.
  • If for any reason I am unable to start your commission, I will refund you in full.
  • If I decide to cancel your commission after it has started, you are entitled to a full refund with no deliverables.
  • If you are set to be refunded, it will be in the original form of purchase (PayPal, online store refund or refund on Etsy).
  • If you request a chargeback at any point in the process as a way of forcing a refund, you will lose all before mentioned rights to the commissioned artwork and I will have the right to profit from it in anyway I see fit or recoup losses, including the pursuit of legal action. The agreed upon contract, emails, messages and images will be disclosed as evidence of completed work in decline of the chargeback. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted from commissioning me again, purchasing from my online shops or other shops I may be affiliated with.

If the buyer breaks any of the point above at any time, they will lose all before mentioned rights to the artwork.